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WooGeo Location Wordpress Plugin

Created: 10/12/2020
Updated: 26/05/2022
By: ShareSoft Technology
Email: ShareSoft Technology

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Hello! We would like to thank you for purchasing our plugin! :)

This file will explain you how to set up and use the "WooGeo Location" WordPress plugin.

This file looks extensive so you might think that, the plugin is hard to use, but actually it's not! You probably might jump to the options page and explore everything yourself. This file is more of a reference help, if you do not know what to do, or if you are not familiar with WordPress.

Have fun with your new plugin!

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Table of Contents

  1. Overview
  2. Installation and setup (to get it like in our demo)
    1. Install Plugin
    2. Install dependency plugins
    3. How-the-plugin-functions
    4. shortcodes & its functions in plugin
    5. Plugin Admin settings
    6. Add location to a products
    7. How to Add Woogeo: Google map Widget

Overview - top

WooGeo Location plugin is used to point out the products availability in particular geolocation according to the distance provided by the user, will be listed on Google Maps. Plugin contains the following Features, as listed below,

Apart from the features. Use the admin option effectively,and also provide product location info properly to get better results.


2 Installation - top

2.1 Install Plugin - top

How to install through FTP #1

After that you can view the plugin added in the list in admin area,

How to Install through Admin #2

Login into Your site Wordpress wp-admin.

Click Plugins menu in admin sidebar, Select Add new button,

On plugin listing page select upload plugin button at the top of the plugin list page,

On clicking it opens plugin upload tab where you can add our downloaded plugin zip file,

2.2 Install dependency plugins - top

After activating plugin, Plugin Admin settings option will appear,

To get all the features you see on our demo, make sure you install all the plugins with version compatible, listed below ,

2.3 How the plugin functions - top

Image below, explains how the product located with filter option are plotted in Google map and listed out.

2.4 shortcodes & its functions in plugin - top

#1 For product listing with Google map feature

Image below, explains how to add the product list & Google map shortcode to wordpress page created,

Image below, how to shortcode works,

2.5 Plugin Admin settings - top

Admin likes to provide predefined location for product search can use this menus to manage the default location for the Google maps and locate the products coming under that geolocation. So that users can view the products within that location radius by varying the range meter under the map.

Note: Few browsers does not support the user geolocation (e.g.IE version below 9, chrome below 4.0, Firefox below 3.5)

Our plugin consist of one woo-geo-marker-settings

Image below shows the options in woo-geo-marker admin settings,

2.6 Add location to a product - top

Add location to products available before proceeding to Google map. To get better results update products location as mentioned in the image below.

To add location to a product, Go to admin side menu > product > Add product

Location add form field will be available in product Data tab.

Image below, shows how to add location to product.

2.7 How to Add Woogeo: Google map Widget- top

Before Proceeding to the Product category Filtration process, Check Whether the Widget is added in sidebar in admin. If Widget is not added the Map and category Filter for widget Will not be loaded in sidebar.

Note: If Geolocation is not shared by user, our plugin will automatically get the Default City from Woogeolocation admin settings. According to the location available the Products will be filtered. If Change of Location needed user can directly type in location textbox below the Google Map.

Image below, explains about the "Note" mentioned in :

Once again, thank you so much for purchasing this plugin. As we said at the beginning, We would be glad to help you, if you have any questions related to this plugin.

ShareSoft Technology

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