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Woocommerce Quickview Wordpress Plugin

Created: 11-03-2023
By: ShareSoft Technology
Email: ShareSoft Technology

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Hello! We would like to thank you for purchasing our plugin! :)

This file will explain you how to set up and use the “Woocommerce Quickview ” WordPress plugin.
This file looks extensive so you might think that, the plugin is hard to use, but actually it's not! You probably might jump to the options page and explore everything yourself. This file is more of a reference help, if you do not know what to do, or if you are not familiar with WordPress.

Have fun with your new plugin!

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ShareSoft Technology

Table of Contents

  1. Overview
  2. Installation and setup (to get it like in our demo)
    1. Install plugin
    2. How to install through FTP
    3. How to install through Admin Panel
  3. How the plugin functions
    1. Frontend SST-Quickview plugin features

Overview - top

Quickview Functionality: WooCommerce Quickview provides a convenient way for customers to view essential product details like images, descriptions, prices, and more without having to navigate to the product's individual page.

Improved User Experience: It enhances the user experience by reducing the need for multiple page loads and clicks, making it easier for customers to explore products and make purchasing decisions quickly.

Installation - top

2.1 Install plugin - top

Install dependency plugin

After that you can view the plugin added in the list in admin area,

2.2 How to install through FTP #1- top

Install plugin

After that you can view the plugin added in the list in admin area,

2.3 How to install through Admin Panel- top

Install plugin

3.2 Frontend output view - top

Use this shortcode [product_view_shortcode] any where you need the quick view function

After you install this plugin quick view button will automatically added to the shop page.

Shop page product view

Once again, thank you so much for purchasing this plugin. As we said at the beginning, We would be glad to help you, if you have any questions related to this plugin.

ShareSoft Technology

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