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Dekopay Wordpress plugin

Created: 22/07/2016
Last Update: 15/12/2020
By: ShareSoft Technology
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Hello! We would like to thank you for purchasing our plugin! :)

This file will explain you how to set up and use the "Dekopay" WordPress plugin.

This file looks extensive so you might think that, the plugin is hard to use, but actually it's not! You probably might jump to the options page and explore everything yourself. This file is more of a reference help, if you do not know what to do, or if you are not familiar with WordPress.

Have fun with your new plugin!

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Table of Contents

  1. Overview
  2. Installation and setup
    1. Install Plugin
    2. Manage Payment Settingss
    3. Frontend output view

Overview - top

Dekopay (previously known as "Pay4later" , Now Rebranded as "Dekopay"), the UK's leading online retail finance gateway, makes it easy for finance companies and retailers to work together to offer consumers credit at the point of sale


2 Installation - top

2.1 Install Plugin - top

How to Install through Admin #1

Login into Your site Wordpress wp-admin.

2.3 Manage Payment Settings - top

Admin settings option is shown in the below image,

How to Enable or Disable Dekopay,

How to get API details,

How to Get API installation Id :

How to Add Package Plan:

How to know the payment status:

How to Add Frontend Select Options Default Deposit Percentage & Package Plan Code.:

2.4 Frontend output view - top

If you have enabled the Dekopay payment means, you will be able to choose the EMI options at Front End.

Image below, explains how Dekopay EMI option is enabled in WordPress product page & checkout page.

Once again, thank you so much for purchasing this plugin. As we said at the beginning, We would be glad to help you, if you have any questions related to this plugin.

ShareSoft Technology

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