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DekoPay(Pay4later) Magneto Module

Created: 22/07/2016
Last Update: 16/12/2020
By: ShareSoft Technology
Email: ShareSoft Technology

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Hello! We would like to thank you for purchasing our module! :)

This file will explain you how to set up and use the "DekoPay(Pay4Later)" Magento module.

This file is really extensive so you might think the module is hard to use,
actually its not, you probably just might jump to the options page and explore everything yourself, this file is more of a reference work if you do not know what to do, or if you are not familiar to Magento.

Have fun with your new module!

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Table of Contents

  1. Overview
  2. Installation and setup
    1. Install Module
    2. Admin & payment settings
    3. Credit Application status & Integratio
    4. Front-end Functions

Overview - top

DekoPay rebranded from Pay4Later, the UK's leading online retail finance service gateway, makes it easy for finance companies and retailers to work together to offer consumers credit at the point of sales. where user can purchase product according the financial plan they are comfortable & affordable with, after user submitting the credit application at the time of purchase , the lenders will verify the application submitted & immediately respond to application, that provided user is accepted or not.


2 Installation - top

2.1 Install module - top

How to Install the Module manually #1

How to Install the Module using Magento connect #2

Refer this URL: Click here

2.2 Admin & payment settings - top

How to use Admin & payment options:

Below image shows the module admin settings,

Admin options:

# Title:
        Title Provided here will be appearing in the checkout payment information tab. Display the dekopay(pay4later) finance option with the title provided here.

# Enabled:
         Admin can Enable/ disable the module from here.

# New order status:
         Admin can set default order status here. (i.e. pending.)

# Test Mode:
         In this option it consist of two options yes/no, when test mode is yes, After checkout user will be redirected to test dekopay(pay4later) credit application(test url). If test mode is no, it will redirecting the user to live url after checkout.

# API key:
         Get the api key from the dekopay(pay4later) account. add it in this field.

To get the apikey,

        -> Log into Dekopay(Pay4later) Account, In left menu click Integration -> API keys . as shown in below image.

# API Installation ID:
         Get the api installation Id from the Dekopay(pay4later) account. add it in this field.

To get the api installation ID,

        -> Log into Dekopay(Pay4later) Account, In left menu click Installation, and copy the ID provided in installation ID from the profile . as shown in below image.

# Default Deposit Percentage && Default Package Plan code:
        By setting the default percentage & plan code here , calculating financial option to the particular product with defaults will shown in product page.
as shown below image. example options applied are for percentage 10 and plan code is ONIF10.

# Minimum Finance Amount :
         Set minimum finance amount here. (i.e. minimum finance amount allowed is 500 ).

# Add Deposit percentage :
         Add Deposit percentage to be applied here. Enter the values with comma separator as mentioned in the example (i.e.10,20,30,40,50);
Note: If the product price is less then the Finance Minimum amount , you can’t use the Finance options to the product.

# Add Package Plans :
         Add Package Plans to be applied here, Add the packages that are allowed for subscription to get better result. Enter the values with comma separator as mentioned in the example,
   (i.e.) Format : Package code : month duration(percentage ), Enter some package plans “,” separate values
    For ex : ONIF6: 6 Months Interest Free Credit (0%), ONIF9: 9 Months Interest Free Credit (0%)

2.3 Credit Application status & Integration - top

To get the credit application status from dekopay(pay4later) to your site, admin has to enroll the CSN url's in dekopay(pay4later) account.

To View Submitted Application

After Clicking a Edit Integration Profile option page will appear,

2.4 Front-end Functions - top

Front-end function

# Product-page

Below Image shows, how does the dekopay(pay4later) functionality in product page.

# Checkout

# Checkout - Payment Information Tab

Below Image shows, how does the dekopay(pay4later) functionality in Checkout page , Payment Information Tab.

# Checkout - final step

Below Image shows, how does the dekopay(pay4later) functionality in product page.

# Credit Application

Below Image shows, Credit Application form submitted from our site.

Once again, thank you so much for purchasing this module. As we said at the beginning, We would be glad to help you, if you have any questions related to this module.

ShareSoft Technology

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